Welcome to Restored Prints.

 Over the past ten years we have offered the very finest prints from some of the World’s greatest and most important natural history publications and in addition, a small, personal selection of important and interesting works of art.

However, we have decided to widen the appeal of our offerings by reducing our prices by as much as 95% and delivering the images in the form of ultra-high resolution digital files that our customers can print for themselves or have professionally printed locally. Modern domestic printers are now quite capable of handling resolutions of up 720 ppi. and the inks are now almost universally fully UV resistant. The need for us to print, pack and ship is, thankfully, now no longer really necessary.

 To accommodate these new arrangements

This web site is presently undergoing a major restructuring


We will eventually be offering over 5,000 plates from the following historically important publications:

Birds of America

John Audubon

(Initially our 80 fully restored plates)


Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Island

Mark Catesby

(The complete work)

Metamorphosis Insectorium Surinamensium

Maria Merian

(The complete work)


Birds of Europe

John Gould


British Entomology

John Curtis

The complete work from the stunning Wadmore-Hopkins proof set)


British Birds

Henry L. Meyer


English Botany

James Sowerby

(2,592 plates from the first edition)



British Butterflies

Noel H Humphreys

 Prices will range from $3 to a maximum of $45


Additionally, all the restored works of art that we previously offered will also be available as digital files, including work by; Rembrandt, James Buttersworth, Antonio Jacobsen, Edward Moran, John Singer Sergeant, Edvard Munch, Miles Birket Foster and, of course, everyone’s favourite, the anonymous 16th Century portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

Fully restored works of art will be priced from $15 to a maximum of $95.


Our enormous and heartfelt thanks to all our past customers for their generous support and to the auction houses and universities who provided so much help and assistance in securing the original resources that have been, and continue to be, our life-blood.

 1st September 2017.


All restored images and this website are copyright.     All rights reserved.

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