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Plate 48, English Botany, James Sowerby

Plate 48.   Vol 1
English Botany, James Sowerby

Summer Red Bird, Birds of America - John Audubon

Summer Red Bird
Birds of America
John Audubon

John Curtis, British entomology, Plate 217 - Red Underwing Moth

Red Under-wing Moth
British Entomology
John Curtis

Welcome to Epitome Images.

Important, Early Natural History Publications, Prints and Selected Works of Art

Freed from the devastating effects of time
(With Close-up Detail views)

The internationally important, illustrated natural history publications featured here are not generally available to the public. The few that are, whether physically or via the Internet, are almost always in a seriously degraded condition. This site is intended to correct that situation. The subtraction of paper discolouration, foxing, accumulated dirt and spotting has revealed the true, original colours unseen for generations.

Every one of the images on this site is available as a free download suitable for sharing or personal use on the web. These free downloads are definitely not suitable for printing. Super high resolution image files are available for a nominal fee. These are printable at up to at least the original full size (prints at 300ppi. Works of art at 150ppi). You may also take entire volumes, as published or bespoke.

Restored Prints holds a physical library of more than 4,000 of the finest and most important, hand-coloured book illustrations all protected within their original bindings, some of which are magnificently preserved proof copies. In addition the collection includes countless other volumes, plates and works of art as extremely high resolution digital files courtesy of the their respective private owners, auctioneers, universities and museums.

Added to the above is a small personal selection of interesting works of art not usually available to the public. These too have been digitally reworked, some extensively so, to bring back lost colour and detail.