From the Original Oil on Canvas, ca. 1885.

(English / American 1829-1901)

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An imaginary scene probably based on vessels fishing off-shore at New York where Edward Moran spent his later life. Atypically for his later works, this image shows some elements with fine detail when most his other work at this time has a more impressionistic approach. Also, unusually for the period, he shows traditional boats with modern steam vessels in the background. It was more normal for artists in his time to paint one or the other and only rarely both together on the same canvas.

This wonderful painting was sold recently at auction (late 2013 at $23,750) under the catalogue entry "Fishing Vessels in Stormy Seas". Perhaps today, following the series eight consecutive severe storms to run across the North Atlantic in early 2014, the cataloguer would wish to downgrade this to "Calm Weather". There is no recorded formal title to this work.

Although born and trained in England, Edward Moran is catalogued as an American artist.  He was very well known in his life time when he was regarded as the finest marine artist of the 19th Century.  Today he is not so well known but his superb work, such as we see here, continues to bear testament to his outstanding skill. Born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1829 he and his family emigrated to Maryland in 1844. He then returned to London, England in 1862 to study at the Royal Academy in London. Upon completing his studies he travelled to Philadelphia where he married and initially set up his studio. In 1871 he moved to New York where he remained until his death in 1901.

FINE ART PAPER EDITION -  Limited Edition of 100.
Image:                  20 x 32  inches (509 x 826 mm).
Overall Sheet:        24 x 36 inches (610 x 914mm )

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FINE ART CANVAS EDITION -  Limited Edition of 25.   
Image:                   20 x 32 inches (509 x 826 mm).
Printed on canvas:   24 x 37 inches (610 x 940mm).

 US.$ 395.00  -   including insured postage and packing.    

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(1)  The original oil painting is 30 x 48 inches (775 x 1,226 mm).
(2)  The paper edition image size can be adjusted to fit your specific framing requirement.
(3)  The water, dust and abrasion resistant canvas should be put on a stretcher or laid on backing board before framing. It will not need to be under glass.
(4)  Canvas is a natural product that can shrink slightly and unpredictably after printing.  Do not order a stretcher or frame until you have measured your delivered print.
(5)  If you wish and at no extra cost, the canvas print will be finished with a satin varnish to make it suitable for unprotected exhibition.
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