After the Original Oil on Canvas, dated 1897.

(English 1847-1912)

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The original painting has the name "Ruby" hand written at the top just to the right of centre. It is not clear to which animal this refers, possibly the bitch in the background since "Ruby" is unlikely to the a dog's name. Emms appears to have had trouble with the tail of the principal dog since there is strong evidence of rushed and crude over-painting in the original artwork. Uncharacteristically for Emms, it would seem that he ran out of canvas on the right hand edge and redrafted the tail without worrying too much about the end result. In our version, this very objectionable fault (see below) has been eliminated, as has the extensive craquelure in the centre of the frame. The final cleaning and general restoration has brought this imposing image back into fine condition.

John Emms was born in Norfolk, England in 1884. He was an avid hunter and a painter of dogs, horses and all things to do with hunting. He exhibited extensively at the Royal Academy and most other important London venues. He married in 1880 and soon thereafter moved to Lyndhurst in the New Forest, England. He remained at Lyndhurst for the rest of his life. He died in November 1912.


FINE ART PRINT ON "MONET" CANVAS  - Limited Edition of 250

Image, approx:           23 x 33  (584 x 851 mm)
Printed on a canvas:    24 x 36 inches (610 x 915 mm).

 US.$ 395  -   including insured postage and packing.    

Please allow an additional 3 days for delivery of this special canvas edition print.

(1)  The original oil painting is 31 x 44 inches (787 x 1118 mm).
(2)  This image is not presently available as a print on paper.
(3)  The water, dust and abrasion resistant canvas should be put on a stretcher or laid on backing board before framing. It will not need to be under glass.
(4)  Canvas is a natural product that can shrink slightly and unpredictably after printing.  Do not order a stretcher or frame until you have measured your delivered print.
(5)  If you wish and at no extra cost, the canvas print will be finished with a satin varnish to make it suitable for unprotected exhibition.
(6)  Canvas prints may be subject to import duty and local sales tax.

(7)  This canvas should be laid on board, using archive grade adhesives. If you wish to stretch it we will reduce the image size to give a margin to enable this to be achieved.

Poorly redrafted tail seen in the original painting.
Invisibly corrected in our prints.



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