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This is not an e-commerce site, the primary function is not to deplete your wallet as rapidly as possible. All purchases will be handled individually on a person-to-person basis.

Please note that the fully restored book plate images, volumes and sets are subject copyright - unauthorised commercial use is prohibited. Works of Art image files are only available subject to a non-resale undertaking.


IMAGES & TEXT:The images are delivered as high quality jpeg or tiff files (your choice) suitable for printing to at least the same size as the original. In this case of Birds of America this means on sheets up to slightly larger than A1A1 Paper Size:
23.4 x 33.1 inches
Audubon & Havell's
"Double Elephant":
26.5 x 38.5 inches
. The image files can be enormous. Images are available either cleaned as seen in the galleries or "ex-camera" with all faults, often with the inclusion of photo-masks, tips of fingers, etc. used during capture. Finally, in many cases there is the option of fully restored plates with all ageing, printing and colouring faults corrected.

COMPLETE VOLUMES & SETS: The pdf file page size will be generally be 2,160 x 1,920 pixels to include one plate and one page of text or two pages of text. Each volume will be in a separate pdf file. The complete text is also included.

As it is principally a text-only work with occasional wood-block diagrams, Audubon's Ornithological Biography is an exception with single pages of 960 x 1,550 pixels.

BESPOKE VOLUMES can be prepared to your order, e.g. the orchids and roses from Sowerby's English Botany. These volumes are individually priced. Re-indexing is an (expensive) option.

PRINTING: If to be printed and displayed to professional standards the recommended paper is Hahnemuhle 188gsm White Cotton Rag.


Details for acquiring free downloads are given on the Home Page. You are welcome to share or use these in any way that you wish. However, they are not really suitable for printing at anything much above A4 size.A4 Size:
8.25 x 11.7 inches
210 x 297 mm.


There are over 10,000 purchasing options, far too many for this small site to have a "Buy it Now" button for each one. So you will hae to have clear idea of what you want before clicking on the appropriate price box below. You will then be taken to an email link with a pre-loaded subject line.

Let us know as precisely as you can what you want - ideally which publication and page/plate/volume or image you would like to order. If you are not sure either use the "Save image as...." option on your browser to discover the specific file name or simply tell us a clearly as you can.

You will receive a personal response with the full description, method of delivery and a confirmation of the price. You can then make the final decision as to whether to buy or not. You will be dealing with a real live human being.

Payment will only be by way of PayPal®, giving you full protection against any mishaps.

If the price box does not respond to the cursor (darken), then that option is not yet available.



Plates  Vols

Ex-camera Cleaned Cleaned
Jpeg or tiff by email Pdf files on an SD card sent air mail
English Botany - James Sowerby. 1st Edition. 1790 - 1814. 2,592

3736 volumes plus General Indexes and English Fungi Index as Volume. 37.

$2.45 $4.45 $34.45

$954.45  English Botany:
Let us know if you are seriously interested in the complete set and if enough do so this will be prioritised.

Ornithological Biography, John James Audubon. 1841.

- 5 $14.95 $54.95

Quadrupeds of North America. John Audubon. Imperial EditionImperial Edition plates with Octavio Edition text.

150 3 $14.45

$54.95Volumes 1 & 2 only.
Volume 3 in preparation.


British Entomology - John Curtis. 1st Edition, proofs. 1824 - 1839

770 8 $2.45 $4.45

$195.45  British Entomology:
Systematically arranged.
General Indexes in Vol. 8.
Bespoke volumes
can comprise selected families:

General Indexes

$854.45 Systematically arranged.
General Index in Vol. 8.

Nat. Hist. Carolina, Florida & Bahamas - Mark Catesby 1729-47 228 2 $24.45 $294.45  $454.45 
Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium - Maria S. Merian. 1705. 60 1 $24.45 $454.45 
British Birds - Henry Leonard Meyer. 2nd Edition. 1842 436 7 $2.45 $4.45 $54.45 $254.45 


PUBLICATION Fully restored
Uncompressed tiff files
on an SD card via airmail
Birds of America, John James Audubon. Havell Edition. Individual plates $74.45
English Botany, James Sowerby. Individual plates $24.45
British Entomology, John Curtis. Individual plates $24.45
Bespoke Volumes & Sets Please ask.
American, European & British (exc. Archibald Thorburn) $24.45
Watercolours - Archibald Thorburn. 1860-1935 $39.45
Bespoke, one-off or special request Please ask.



Some image files are extremely large (up to 880Mb), especially those from Audubon's Birds of America and Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. Complete volume pdf files are also very large, rarely less than 70Mb. Because of this, downloading directly from these pages is impractical. Internet image sharing and cloud sites limit file sizes and total data load, both of which are exceeded by the our image file catalogue, so these too are impractical.


The smaller files will be sent to you by way of an e-mail attachment. In the case of the really large files, complete volumes for instance, these will be loaded onto an SD Card, locked and delivered via Air Mail. It's inconvenient but it enables the files to be sent to you at the highest possible resolution and quality.


Your details, email, etc., are will not be retained except as part of and within the PayPal payment system. You will not receive any unsolicited communications once your transaction is satisfactorily completed.